Chryslers at Carlisle 2017

Been to any good car shows lately? Got pix? Share your story!
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Chryslers at Carlisle 2017 - Some Miscellany

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A cool Demon simulator! Click the maximize button for full effect
Some AMC cousins
Fast 'N Furious
You've gotta admire this vendor's honesty
"If it's new, Plymouth's got it!"
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Re: Chryslers at Carlisle 2017

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Great pictures Dan, thanks. l wish l had the ute and stamina and $ l used to and I'd buy that 54 Convertible in a heart beat, reason being my Dad had two 54 sedans. He and his buddies returning from a fishing weekend rolled the first one while pulling a boat (wonder what caused that)? Nobody hurt, they rolled it over and drove it 50 miles home. Next day he bought same car, same color and they went back to get boat, now he had a parts car. The engine and tyranny used the same oil, 11 qts. He was so cheap he never changed the oil just the filter and only used the $.15 cent reconstituted green oil. What a guy! Gotta say, he never had a problem with the engine or tranny.
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