The Hill (2023)

'59 Plymouths appear in all of these film clips. Don't expect to make sense of the story! It's all about the cars. Add your own clip, I'll make an icon for it!
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The Hill (2023)

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IMDB wrote:The Hill hits home (no pun intended) if you grew up in a smaller town. Growing up in the bible belt, I understand that strict, moral parental values are hard to let go of when children want to walk a different path in life.

Rickey Hill and his Father rarely see eye to eye - the conflict of baseball, faith, and their relationship can't seem to coexist. Rickey see's his skills at bat as a gift while his father sees it as a surefire way that he will be crippled forever. It's tough love verses stubbornness on his father's behalf as Rickey time and time again proves that he can fulfill his dream.

It's a rarity these days that we see such a gritty & real father/son relationship on screen and from the first scene, you're rooting for the two to salvage a bond together. Dennis Quaid and Colin Ford have great chemistry and you really believe their father and son dynamic. The child actors playing the younger version of the characters did a great job as well and the time period (late 60s/early 70s) makes for a perfect, All-American setting.

"October Sky" meets "The Natural". A winning baseball movie for the whole family.

Here's your opportunity to own a bit of cinematic history! The Suburban used in the making of this picture is for sale at the time of this writing for $2025. Look it up on Facebook Marketplace in the vicinity of Cumberland, Rhode Island.
Luke Harrington wrote:Runs and drives, but needs complete brake overhaul and fuel tank replacement, as it is running on a weed wacker tank currently. This is a the actual car prominently featured in the recent #1 Netflix movie ‘The Hill’, but has been repainted since then. (The photos where it is beige are from the movie) Welding spackle needs to be cleaned off glass. Bill of sale only -NO TITLE-sold as is. Must be trailered.
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