Reproduction Push Buttons!

Hey, I've got this part. Interested in buying it?
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Reproduction Push Buttons!

Post by Faulkner »

It's a miracle. Dick Koch has been working with a 3-D printing vendor in Florida to reproduce pushbuttons for the '59 Plymouth automatic transmissions! Take a look at these production pix:

Old vs. New buttons

The button tubes are solid, with the "D", "N", "R", "2" and "1" embossed on the end for TorqueFlites, and "L" replacing the "2" and "1" buttons on PowerFlites. Please note: In a standard 1959 Plymouth instrument panel cluster, there is a clear plastic window on both sides of the panel that transmits light from the #57 panel bulbs to the pushbuttons for both the transmission and the heater. With age, these plastic windows can become clouded. It is recommended that to maximize button brightness, the panel bulbs be replaced with inexpensive LEDs that can be found here.

With standard #57 bulbs. Depending on the condition of the plastic transfer window in your '59 Plymouth instrument panel cluster, your brightness may vary
LEDs really pop!

Here's a PowerFlite shift mechanism with a set of new buttons (sorry, Dick has a PowerFlite shift mechanism, but no '59's equipped with PowerFlites):


$250 a set, for either a TorqueFlite or PowerFlite set. Free shipping in the continental U.S. No returns. (Only available in complete button sets; individual button production costs would be prohibitive.)

Get yours now! Contact Dick at (five six one) five nine six - two seven four nine.
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Re: Reproduction Push Buttons!

Post by ChippLake1 »

This truly a miracle as I've been looking a long time for replacements in my Sport Fury!
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Re: Reproduction Push Buttons!

Post by Dick Koch »

Hi Chip, l have installed these new pushbuttons in both of my 59's and they work fine. If you are interested in a set l can be reached at 561-596-2749. They are only available in complete sets $250.00 per set paid in advance. Free shipping in lower 48. Will ship when check clears. Mail check to Richard Koch 4951 S. KAY ST. PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL.
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