Department Of The Interior

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Department Of The Interior

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When I had Faulkner repainted in the original copper color, the red interior had to go - so I painted it. Folks who have ridden in it know that painting red vinyl black comes out pretty well, but the fabric came out like sandpaper. Best not to wear shorts when sitting in it! :o

I made the ill-fated decision to have it redone by Ron Murray, and hauled it lock, stock and barrel to his shop in May. Come September, when he hadn't even yet started, I returned to pick it up and drive it to a new upholsterer. I'm not faulting Ron; he's served the classic car community admirably over the years, but he's getting up there now, is in poor health, and just not able to put in the time the way he used to.

I was going to have Ron use some non-standard material, with copper flecks in it; and redo the seats and door panels with straps (which the interior lacked). By the time I took the interior to the new shop, I had made the decision: I would do it in the original copper material with copper vinyl. Surprisingly, SMS delivered the material in vinyl in record time. (They are also reproducing the door panels, with my original chrome strips; let's see how long that takes!)

I paid a visit to the upholsterer today. The front seats are done! The rear seats are in progress, along with the front armrest and the rear armrests. But so far, so good! :D


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Re: Department Of The Interior

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Looking Good Dan !!!! Mark

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