Proven Force - Driveline Specialties, Maple Grove, MN

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Proven Force - Driveline Specialties, Maple Grove, MN

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Some time ago, I took a call from Plymouth Owners Club members who got my phone number from the inside jacket. Mark and Monica were looking for some advice regarding transmission repair near them, and in response to my inquiry someone on Facebook made a recommendation for Metro Matic just north of St. Paul, MN. It seemed like the answer - at the time! :o
Monica wrote:I wanted to tell to let you know that our Plymouth is back on the road! Thank you so much for referring us to Metro Matic transmissions. Brad was a super nice guy and very knowledgeable about Mopar products and older vehicles in general.. He had been a tech at a local Chrysler dealer before starting his own business. Our problem was fairly simple for him to fix. (Impossible for us) He cleaned out old sludge, cleaned the filter,replaced the transmission fluid and gasket and adjusted the front and rear bands.So we have her back for summer rides. We highly recommend metromatic transmission if you need referrals for Minnesota or western Wisconsin people.
But then, disaster struck:
Monica wrote:I thought that I would update on our journey with our Plymouth's transmission. We were so happy when we brought her home after her transmission repair at Metro Matic. We went on a long ride and then parked her in our storage condo. We returned several days later to find that some transmission fluid had leaked under the passenger door. Then we opened the door to find that the carpet was soaked with transmission fluid. Our neighbor, who is an aircraft mechanic got under the car and found that there was transmission fluid leaking from the torque converter and there were several small hairline cracks in the underbody and there was fluid on the underbody. Mark called the Metro Matic transmission guy and he referred us to Proven Force in Maple Grove MN. They thought that they could repair it if they could get the parts. They sorted out the torque converter problem right away, then they took out the transmission. It turned out that at the last transmission repair (before we owned it) theput the parts had been put in backward, so only one pump was working. This had been going on for over 30 years and the one pump finally gave up the ghost! They had to get a used transmission from Windy Hills junkyard.So now she has a totally rebuilt transmission and it works great. Now we have to get new carpet as we had to dispose of the transmission fluid soaked carpet. It was soaked both in the front and the back.

It turns out that Proven Force is the go to place for old car repair. They will work on any car but prefer the elderly. They were wonderful. It took over 4 weeks for the repair, but they kept her inside to protect her from the weather and theft. They have a very large operation. As big as some car dealerships. Paul was in charge of our project and we would highly recommend him. Their Phone number is 763-425-7474, and their website is
It turns out that web address resolves to, but I presume these are the same folks. They also have a Facebook page:

"If it's new, Plymouth's got it!"
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