Chryslers at Carlisle 2016

Been to any good car shows lately? Got pix? Share your story!
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Re: Chryslers at Carlisle 2016

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Thanks for posting the photos!!!

Looks like another great show!!

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Re: Carlisle 2016 - Daniel Dalton's Fury

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Faulkner wrote:On Saturday about 8a, we spotted this car owned by Daniel Dalton - it was gone about 10a! We never met him, and no one seems to know who he is. I gave my contact info at the registration booth, hopefully they will contact him and he will get in touch with me. Sweet ride!
This afternoon, out of the blue, I received a call from Dan Dalton! So Carlisle Promotions came through, and passed along my contact info.

Nice guy - he said (I think) that he has a '38 pickup, and that the Fury is his wife's. Hope we see him on the Forum soon!


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