Ned Glysson - Ann Arbor, MI, USA

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Ned Glysson - Ann Arbor, MI, USA

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Ned writes about his car:

The 1959 Sport Fury, don some of the largest fins or “Directional Stabilizers” ever built on a stock vehicle. This two-door hardtop, one of 21,494 built, was produced in the Lynch Road Detroit Michigan plant.

1959 Plymouth Fury 024_E.jpg

It’s powered by a Golden Commando 395, “B” block V-8 at 361 cubic inches and includes a rare dual 4-barrel carburetor system, with a high performance camshaft and intake manifold. For 1959 this slightly larger bore engine was rated at 305hp at 4600rpm, doing 0-60mph in just 8 seconds. A 10:1 compression ratio creates 395lb-ft of torque at 3000rpm, hence the nickname “395”.

The transmission is a three speed A-466 “TorqueFlight” push button system with no parking gear.

The vehicle exterior color is Iceberg White with stainless steel trim and golden anodized aluminum side panels, accented by VIP fender skirts, dual sloped radio antennas and sport deck spare tire bulge.

The interior includes a “Jet Age Control Center”, swivel front seats and a RCA Model 2500 Melody 45rpm record player.

Stock, this vehicle came with left-hand threaded wheel bolts on the passenger side to prevent the wheels from coming off moving forward.


I bought the car in 2016 having sold a “1966” AC Cobra tribute car to reinvest in a more practical and desirable vehicle. Having owned a couple of Vettes for 30 years (t-top & rage top) and the Cobra (no top) for 8, I was looking for a hard top that was fun to drive and something I’d always loved. That was a finned car and I found it! I firmly believe at this point I’ve settled in and found my final classic.

This car was sold and bought at a Barrett-Jackson auction and shipped to the Midwest. The investor didn’t really like it so a local dealer was moving it for him. I found it listed pretty close to home but there was no pricing included with the listing. Frankly I figured from the pictures and description it was out of my price range. After a few weeks a friend and I decided to go check it out anyway. Little did we know you needed an appointment! When we got to the showroom, no one was at the front desk so we walked in and started checking out the inventory. By the time the dealer heard us we were in the back “48” all over this Sport Fury. After getting by the introductions “What are you guys doin’ here!” we spent quite a bit of time talking about the car. Finally I was brave enough to ask what the dealer wanted. I was thrilled to find it was exactly what we figured it was worth and I basically said “Sold!” Except I needed to have my wife take a look and give her OK. No problem, she came out, loved the car (MUCH more than the Cobra) hit if off with the salesman and the deal was done. Now everyone (especially 5 grandkids) call it “Papa’s fancy car”.

Ned with Bill Robinson, designer of the 1959 Plymouth, at the 2018 Orphan Car Show in Ypsilanti, Michigan
Trosley 59 Fury_0001.jpg
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