Source for Brake Shoes

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Source for Brake Shoes

Post by GaryBitner »

Greetings, Gents. My '59 is out of hibernation and into my mechanic's garage. We're looking for a new source for brake shoes. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any leads. --Gary

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Mark Merritt
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Re: Source for Brake Shoes

Post by Mark Merritt »

Hi Gary; I got my front wheel cylinders over the counter at O Reilly's auto parts but I don't know about the shoes. I see on E-Bay Raybestos has them. Good Luck. Mark

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Re: Source for Brake Shoes

Post by big m »

Gary, are you a member of the Forward Look network?

There is a vendor by the name of Mobile Parts that has N.O.R.S brake linings that are the older asbestos type.

Why asbestos? it seems the semi-metallic Raybestos linings cause a harmonic squeal when applied, I've had this happen to two of my own cars, and just replaced a full set on a customer's car for the same reason. Roughing up the drum surface and installing to softer linings solved the trouble in all cases.

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Re: Source for Brake Shoes

Post by Faulkner »

Gary, I bought Faulkner's brake shoes from this guy:

I had to replace the rears because of the leak from my rear seal. I ordered 2.5" shoes by mistake, but he quickly remedied it with 2" (I think police cars had 2.5"). My brakes have always worked great, before and after this replacement! I don't know why; I don't plan on ever doing a disk brake conversion.

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