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John Zastrow

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John writes: "I think the 59's need and deserve more exposure. It seems like the 57's and 58's are always in the spotlight...

I discovered the existence of my 1959 Sport Fury while talking to a fellow at the ‘97 lola Car Show (lola, Wisconsin). He had a ‘49 Packard for sale and I stopped and conveyed to him what a nice car it was and that my Dad once owned one. During our conversation I mentioned that I would really like to acquire a ‘59 Plymouth Sport Fury but hadn’t seen one locally for many years.

Then he said the magic words 'a friend of mine in Hoyts Lake, MN has one for sale'. We exchanged info, I was kind of skeptical, but sure enough, a couple days later the owner of the Sport Fury called me. He described the car and quoted me a price. At the time I thought it was a little pricey (maybe because my oldest son just started college and my fun money was kind of scarce)."


"So I filed the info on the Sport Fury away in the back of my mind until one day, almost 2 years later, I saw it for sale on the internet by same owner. This prompted me to drive the 350 miles from Wausau, WI up to Hoyts Lake, MN to see the car. I took a friend along (potential driver) and some cash just in case.

There she was, setting in his fellows garage, looking neglected but still pristine as could be, but with a big puddle of power steering fluid underneath. The car was originally from Texas (no salt and has factory A/C) and was virtually rust free except for rocker panel behind drivers door where moisture had been trapped. The fellow said he started car frequently but hadn’t really driven it anywhere in the 5 years that he owned it (lost interest). Price was still the same but in the couple of hours that we spent there I think he could tell that I truly wanted the car for me and not to resell it for profit (like previous lookers) and he offered me the car for almost half of what he was originally asking. This was in October (1999) and he was leaving the very next weekend for his annual winter hibernation in Arizona so I think that also had something to do with my good fortune. I counted out the money and the car was mine. Really didn’t want to drive the car home 350 miles but couldn’t find a one-way trailer rental up there in the woods of MN so made the decision to drive her back. First stop was at the local auto parts store to purchase a couple bottles of Lucas power steering leak sealer. That did the trick and we made it home without incident. On the trip back, while stopping for gas, people would come up and ask “what kind of car is that”? Then you know you have something special, but of course, I already knew that.."
"If it's new, Image Plymouth's got it!"

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