Hessing Thurber

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Hessing Thurber

Post by Faulkner » Sat Oct 06, 2018 9:42 am

Recently, Robert Austin Jr. from the Forward Look Facebook group shared with me some photos of the Hessing-Thurber dealership, where Faulkner was sold to David Sterling. Robert also has an old sign for Hessing that is now affixed to his garage door. And, he also has a dealer-installed trunk emblem for Hessing-Thurber! I hope to receive a good quality photo of the emblem from Robert, so that I can attempt to reproduce it.

Looks like a '59 Plymouth wagon on the lot. I'll take it! Is that a '57 or '58 next to it?
A '60 on the used car lot! Robert says the picture was taken about 1961. What's to the left of it?
"If it's new, Image Plymouth's got it!"

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