"Built Especially For..."

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"Built Especially For..."

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Bernie Brouillet wrote:Dan,

Just saw this on the Hemmings Daily feed, perhaps you did too. Scroll pics.

Note the dash plaque saying "Built Especially For" and 1949 - beat us by ten years or so. I have seen FURY plates mounted to the driveshaft tunnel on some "58's similar to the '59 glovebox plate, don't know if they predate our year or something that came along after the 59's came out.

But here is Kaiser - Frazer ten years earlier with the same sentiment.


https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/de ... refer=news
Thanks Bernie! A tip of the hat to Joseph Frazer...
Faulkner's dash plaque

"If it's new, Plymouth's got it!"
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