Move over, Christine -- soon it's our turn!

News related to the Plymouth Owners Club, and their most excellent publication, The Plymouth Bulletin
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Move over, Christine -- soon it's our turn!

Post by Faulkner » Tue Jan 01, 2008 11:34 pm

Folks, Bob Hinds (Technical Advisor for the '59 Plymouth for the Plymouth Owners Club) and I have been in discussion with Lanny Knutson, Editor for "The Plymouth Bulletin", about an upcoming issue celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the '59 Plymouth, to be published sometime in 2009. The Bulletin is the premiere publication of the Plymouth Owners Club (POC), and is a sixteen-time winner of Old Cars Weekly "Golden Quill" award.

We'll soon be soliciting articles from '59 Plymouth owners for possible inclusion in that issue, and of course, POC subscriber submissions will be favored. So if you aren't already a member of the POC...

...well, why aren't you?! :P And if you're wondering how to become a member -- here's the link:

Best to join now, and start collecting The Bulletin. You've already missed out on some great issues, so let's get that fixed now!

"If it's new, Image Plymouth's got it!"

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