Hand brake warning light & audible alarm

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Hand brake warning light & audible alarm

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I have on occasion found myself punching the "drive" push button and stepping on the gas and then hear a rubbing sound coming from the transmission tunnel housing. I then realize I in my rush to get going, I forgot to release the hand brake causing the brake shoes to wear. Plymouth back in 1959 had a fix for this problem by installing a small red light and limit switch in the lower part of the dash. Rather than punch a hole in my dash for the light, I mounted the light between my auxiliary oil pressure and volt meter guages attached to the bottom of my dash. The light worked, but when starting to drive, my eyes just didn't glance down that far to observe the light being on. So I wired in a 12volt timer module and an audible sounding bell up under the dash. (The limit switch that turns the light on, simultaneously starts the timer timing) I set the timer for 20 seconds before the bell would start sounding. So now I not only do I have the warning light, if I don't reset the hand brake upon starting up the engine, the bell will start sounding after 20 seconds. Just a suggestion for minimizing the wear of the brake linings on the hand brake.

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Art Schlachter
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