Early Hemi Mopar Man in Need- Closing shop

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Early Hemi Mopar Man in Need- Closing shop

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Trying to help a Mopar friend in Liberty Missouri with his collection and closing his business. His name is Ken Jack and he's been collecting, trading, restoring and hot rodding 1st generation Dodge DeSoto and Chrysler Hemis for over 30 years.

Unfortunately, Ken's health isn't good at this time and his new landlord isn't receptive to his passion. Because of these issues, Ken needs to liquidate all of his hemi parts. Ken has quite a collection, over 3 semi trailers and two shops full of hemi parts. The issue he has had in the past is that vultures come in and want all the high performance and choice parts, make a low ball offer and don't care about the rest.

Ken would like to sell his entire collection but would sell individual motors and parts just the same. If his hand is forced, he'll scrap everything and walk away. He won't accept a low ball offer from vultures. If the parts are to be resold for a profit, he's fine with it so long as he was given a fair price for what he has sold. At this point, it's fair offers or it's getting scrapped.

I have personally purchased parts and have dealt with Ken for roughly two years now. He has always been honest, sold at fair prices, worked fairly with me when I needed something he had and I didn't have all the cash and always followed up to make sure I was happy with what I bought.

Overall this is a disheartening time to see a good Mopar man have to do this but we will all face this some day. I would like to do everything I can to help Ken out. If you have an early hemi and would like extra parts or ever had the desire to buy an early hemi, now's the time. You can reach Ken at 816-918-2181 and tell him I sent you. Thanks for your time.

- Frank

Forward Look Frank Worsham
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