Jukebox Fair May 2016

Been to any good car shows lately? Got pix? Share your story!
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Jukebox Fair May 2016

Post by Faulkner »

Shamelessly ripped off from Facebook - Ron, Matthew and Marjo with their friend, Wesley van Ewijk at the spring Jukebox Fair in 2016.
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Ron Keij
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Re: Jukebox Fair May 2016

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And not to forget Roland Bonas who drove his 59 Belvedere from Luxemburg for this show. What a great day we had even with all the different languages I had to speak :)
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Re: Jukebox Fair May 2016

Post by Kane67 »

I wonder where he bought the mini convertible. My son would love that.

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Matthew Keij
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Re: Jukebox Fair May 2016

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I bought the Junior on eBay just over 3 years ago.
On those pics a friend is driving it.

They were made by the power car company in Mystic CT in 1959. They are super rare these days and about 12 known to excist now
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