The Jesus Picture

'59 Plymouths appear in all of these film clips. Don't expect to make sense of the story! It's all about the cars. Add your own clip, I'll make an icon for it!
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The Jesus Picture

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A really cool short, featuring none other that Earl Hess' custom '59 Sport Fury, "The Lonely One"!
IMDB wrote:A narrative short based on actual events. In 1950, my mother, an angel unawares, was teaching in a school district near Dover, Delaware. Among the faculty was a shy, young woman named 'Ruthie'....the would-be heroine of our story. Since my mom and 'Ruthie' were about the same age, they would often eat lunch together, sharing giggles & girltalk. My mother became quite fond of 'Ruthie', and those warm feelings were reciprocated. Over time, however, my mom noticed that 'Ruthie' seemed to be under an enormous strain. It seems that our 'Ruthie' was actually quite religious, and her impending marriage to a man of a different faith began to gnaw away at her mind until her very reason gave way and she did the unthinkable. Set against the backdrop of 1950's AmeriKa, 'The Jesus Picture' is a dark morality tale. And a film that will keep you guessing right up until the very last frame.

—Kim Horning
"If it's new, Plymouth's got it!"

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